Industrial Design Project

for Citroën


Connecting with our DS3

My-DSkin is an accessory that allows us to program and customize certain functions of our Citroën DS3 remotely.

My-DSkin is an accessory that possesses a certain degree of ubiquity and allows us to programme and personalize certain functions of our Citroën DS3. This elegant and barely visible device, capable of transforming itself to mimic our own skin, introduces us to the concept of domotics (home automation) as applied to automobiles. By means of this device we can acclimatize the interior temperature of our DS3 in readiness for our arrival, preset and execute a play-list of our desired entertainment, and also turn on the dashboard, courtesy lights, or headlights.

Pure, sober and avant-garde design.

The whole concept is that the purity and sobriety of design make this device something unobtrusive, whereby the images of the various functions and personalized applications are the true priorities, apparent on our skin as if a part of our DS3 were imprinted on us, and which we can take with us wherever we may go.


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