Bakery + Cafeteria

Lapana was a pioneer and synonym of creativity in the construction of its identity system. But over the years it was losing currency, and its positioning in the market began to decline. The chain needed to relaunch the brand to reposition it as a modern, cozy bakery and cafeteria.

We created a new brand concept that invites the consumer to live the “Lapana Experience.” For this, we developed a playful, expressive communication system with a marked emphasis on creativity. The project included the development of the new interior and exterior image for the shops and the creation of the brand’s global identity system.

Art Direction  ·  Branding  ·  Interior Design

Lapana Kids

Lapana Kids is an interactive children’s space that exists in each shop, designed for the recreation and containment of children.

The design concept of these spaces seeks to immerse oneself in the fascination, innocence, and astonishment that characterizes the gaze of children when discovering the world. In this way we tell a story in which the characters and visual components come to life, enriching the identity system and multiplying the graphics and communication applications.


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