Someone has left his shopping list.
Let’s see what it says.


Low budget action
in supermarkets


The ham and sausage company Campo Austral, an Argentine subsidiary of the multinational Campofrío, needed to increase its brand presence at the Point of Purchase, standing out in an increasingly competitive market. But its budget was minimal compared to its main competitors.


We created a new way of communicating with the target at the point of purchase. Before the opening of the supermarkets, different shopping lists written by supposed fans consumers of the brand were left in the carts. In total, 400,000 lists were printed with six different texts, which were strategically distributed in most major supermarkets in the city.


Around 1,200,000 people came into direct contact with the brand within a month. In most supermarkets where the action was carried out, there was a considerable increase in sales, reaching in some cases up to 37%.


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