Catalan Alliance to fight against stigma and
discrimination in mental health.


Obertament needed to create a communication campaign that would impact society and not leave it indifferent. A concept that would create awareness about the importance of not hiding but showing your face for mental health.


We developed a comprehensive awareness campaign that spread across practically all media: press, television, radio, outdoor advertisement, social networks, online marketing, landing page, street actions, testimonial videos, etc.


We created a creative concept that challenges the reader and highlights one of the main problems that arise when talking about mental health: avoid the topic.


The campaign had a broad social acceptance and was much commented and shared on social networks and the media in general. According to the data collected in the post-campaign tests, “No facis com si res.” Was the most memorable campaign in the history of Obertament, achieving a high correlation between the recognition of the campaign and better behavioral intentions.


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